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Marketing is Essential
Search Engine Optimization Consulting and Tips for all search engines
MIE offers Search Informed Media Solutions such as Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media management
Gain more exposure online with informed SEO Consulting

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process by which a website is able to increase the amount of visitors by naturally gaining higher placement in a search engine essentially creating more exposure for that websites content. Increased exposure will increase the chance of additional web traffic. SEO should be a major part of any internet marketing initiative.

Our SEO Consulting Services Include:
  • Keyword Analysis - to determine the best terms for Optimization
  • A complete website analysis to determine what efforts have been made to assist your marketing efforts.
  • Review submissions to major search engines and directories. Hand submissions to search engines and directories if necessary.
  • Competitive Analysis - to determine how you hold up next to your competitors
  • Review your link popularity and discuss linking strategies
  • Social media optimization and analysis
  • Review of site architecture including but not limited to Meta tags, content, page titles, and file names.
Contact us today to take advantage of our knowledge in Search Engine Optimization. We want to see your business grow in the search engines!

Can you guarantee search engine placement?

There are several strategies that need to be in place to assist your site in achieving more exposure in the search engines. There are also many companies out there who "guarantee" they will get your site ranked in the top 10 results of a search page. The reality is search engine optimization is more of a science and with science there are never any guarantees. Search engine optimization is based on theories and proven techniques.

Companies who guarantee search engine placement are companies you should be skeptical of. Search engines are focused on providing the most relevant search engine results for their users, as such; these engines continue to change their formulas, known as algorithms which calculate the relevance of a webpage, to accommodate searcher behavior and specific techniques to ensure the purest results are always displayed. Therefore, this process needs to be studied and monitored over time, which is something that not many companies have the time to do.

A little SEO consulting can go a long way and every site has different needs we understand this. Not everyone will have the same path leading to a successful marketing effort. For this reason we are offering SEO consulting services that are specialized to your needs and will set you on your way to increased exposure online ensuring better traffic from the search engines.

We will help you understand what it will take to gain visibility in the search engines! Contact us today and get your site back on the road to success.

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